Simi vs Teni:- Whose Voice Do You Enjoy Listening To Most?

Simi vs Teni:- Whose Voice Do You Enjoy Listening To Most?

Gone are the days when we believe music is all about saying things we love to hear, mixed with danceable beats, and other sounds.
These days there are some singers whose voice alone give you some type of musical fulfillment and satisfactions
When we talk about singing with melodious and sweet voices to sooth the soul and mind without the addition of beats to spice it up,
Teni and Simi would be the best candidates for now.
These days, singers like Teni and Simi are mostly the best candidates when people wish to do indoors celebrations but needs people to sing songs that are suitable for all types and level of people.
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The duo have over the years proven to be few of the most sonorous singers as their social media and ability to jump on trends have shown how talented and melodious they really are.

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