Rick Ross Announces Partnership With Empire Rolling Papers

CityTrend – Yung Renzel continues to make moves. On 4/20, the boss announced his new partnership with Empire Rolling, the company that dropped the hundred-dollar-bill rolling paper.

In a statement on Instagram, Ross showers his new partner with high praise, stating “I only partner with high quality products I personally use.”

That’s a big endorsement from the iconic Ross, who is one of the most respected smokers in the game. One wonders what new sort of products Ross & Empire will cook up – perhaps people will one day be able to roll a blunt with Rick Ross’s formidable mug.

Check Ross’ statement in the caption below:

“Breaking: the boss is expanding his portfolio. It is only right on this great holiday, I’m excited to announce my partnership with @empirepapers. I only partner with high quality products I personally use. What the guys are doing over there is the biggest in the game, true innovation. I am excited to bring the product to the masses and enter this space. Tag me in your pics with your @empirepapers I want to know what you think.”

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