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Olamide’s newly released Album, YBNL Mafia Family is one of the best album if not the best album released this year.

The album, having the gathering of all artistes in YBNL Records has proven a great sign of unity and love surrounding them.

Listening to all the tracks in the album, one would notice that it comprises of various areas surrounding human life.

Motivation, love, passion, determination, sex, jealous, amongst others are part of what the music centres on.

1. In the audio is an extravagant life of a lady whose lifestyle depends on money and spending lavishly. It could be heard in the audio how Kizz Daniel had to give an order that she should leave if she’s willing to.

In society we found ourselves today, such is a replica of of lifestyle and where some ladies find pleasure.

2. Despite the situation of things, determination has to be upheld just as Fireboy sang in the track, “I’ll be fine”. Where many got tired and wearied, strength has to be the next point of action to take. When people reject you, not letting yourself down is necessary to attain success, so you’ll be fine.

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3. Is love without jealousy a true love? Anyways, whatever your response is, Fireboy has clearly figured out the answer of being jealous of his lover, and not seeing her without any individual. The love he has for her has intoxicated him to the level of not wanting to see anyone else except his lady, and that made him ask the question “What have you done to me?”
And from that question, do you think loving a lady too much could make a guy subjective to her, or that is the climax of a true love???.

4. Lie by Limerick and Olamide explains the situation of the country, the level at which some illegal acts were been carried out. “…make I tell you as e take dey go for street. Any tory I yarn no be joke, I go talk my mind.” The song gives an indepth of illegal acts executed on the street. Snatching of phones, collection and withdrawal of money belonging to someone else are just few of what we see and hear, if not experienced on our streets.

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5. A times, when you stay too cool, people tends to take you for granted. That looks like what Yomi Blaze and Olamide were preventing in song, IKA

Yomi Blaze display his rap style to be extraordinary and perfect with the combination of the YBNL Boss, Olamide.

6. When love is in the air, the atmosphere changes. When love exist between two individuals, the level of their friendship metamorphosis to life changing experience among them both.

That exactly is the relationship existing between Temmie Ovwasa and Fireboy. When your wish is met, gladness elopes around you.

Both Fireboy and Temmie Ovwasa develop interest for each other and are willing to stay glue to themselves despite that many has promised and fail, Temmie Finally find her piece of mind in Fireboy.

* Nevertheless, the content used in some part of the album could likely be seem to be banned or not played on air.

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Part of the lyrics used by Olamide in the song IKA appears unlawful for on air play.

Also, another hit track in the album that is likely not to gain massive on-air play is the Macaroni by Piccazo featuring Olamide. The name word Indominie is a brand name and that could resist why it should be played on-air. Media stations see that as an advert.

* Meanwhile, Piccazo, Fireboy, Temmie Ovwasa, Yomi Blaze, and others as truly shown to us to be good at what they do best. YBNL Records has proven to the world this time again to be a “die here” record label.


– This review is written by Olufemi Damilola, CEO and Head Admin of Empire Media NG (, an online entertainment platform.


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