Request For A Song, Video Or Album Here (CitytrendTv)

Request For A Song, Video Or Album Here (CitytrendTv) : Comment Below

Did you search for a song, video or album here on CitytrendTv and found no result for it?

make music request citytrendtv
make music request citytrendtv

Is the song, video or album by an official released song by a known artist?

Is it a song, video or album?

Just go on the comment area and request for the title of the song, video or album you wish uploaded on the site.

We will review your comment and approve it if it meets requirements, once your comment is approved, Check back days after to confirm if your request has been attended to.

Don’t miss out on your favorite song, video or album, Start commenting today.

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  1. Am looking for a song that has the lyrics like. “awon yahoo kekeke… ma n gbowo kekeke… n ma ball kekeke….to ma n kosi owo sars kekeke……”

  2. Pls I need a confirm dj mix of zoro latest mix pls containing kulture, echefula,bianca,iheanancho,buy the bar and many hits compilation thanks

  3. pls that bio bio zimbaly x divido x nairamarly na new signing because I love the video I need the audio. no be bad thin

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