Raymist Top 5 Best Songs (Outside Nigeria)


Raymist Top 5 Best Songs (Outside Nigeria) : Download and Stream Free Songs Mp3


5. Take me back to London by Ed sheeran ft Stormzy

Ed as never disappointed when it comes to dishing out quality songs. Take me back to London is one of the singles in Ed’s 6th studio album titled No.6 collaborations.. Stormzy with his fast and infectious rap lyrics came to assist on this record and believe me when I tell you, it’s a BANGER. This tune debutted as number 1 on UK charts.. Produced by Skrillex and released Aug, 8. Ed and stormzy flexxed their versatility on this tune..

4. Spirit by beyonce
Off the Lion King album that features notable Music African giants, Spirit is one of the most uplifting songs to be released this year. This music puts hope into minds that are confused, it connects with fans in a spiritual way… The soft beats, the pads underneath.. Everything just clicks.. And let me tell you again ‘Spirit was backed up with a well choreographed video and the location was on point.. Kudos Beyonce!! You deserve the throne!

3. No Guidance by Chris Brown ft Drake
The on and off friends, Dreezy and breezy made a monster HIT this time around. No guidance is certified platinum already in the US and is still topping several charts all over the world. Although this song is two months old, its worth been on this list.. Drake placed soft lyrics on the Rnb tune while breezy ignite it all with hia vocals.. Pure quality!

2. Right back (Remix) by Khalid ft A boogie with da Hoodie
Khalid who is known for churning out exceptional rnb and soul jams is back with the remix of Right Back. This time he made notable changes and added new flavors.. Assisted by fast rising artistes ‘A boogie with a Hoodie.. This is a laid back tune and it will sure put you your feelings.. Lets not talk much..

1. Senorita by Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello..
These song beats its strong competitor ‘Old town road by Lil Nas x’ to be Raymist Number 1 song of September.. With over 700 million streams, certified platinum and double platinum.. This song deserves accolades.. Its Shawn Mendez first song on Billboard number 1 and Camilla’s second.. Number one doesn’t need hype, Let the music speak for itself.

So there you have it guys, Raymist Top 5 Best songs (Local and International) for the (2nd edition) month of September.. If you’re yet to listen or have this songs on your playlist, do so now! Good music is what we preach.. And yes! Feel free to tell us what you feel about this songs.. Thank you.

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