Rayders Playlist (Vol 1)

Rayders Playlist Vol 1
Rayders Playlist Vol 1

Rayders Playlist (Vol 1) : Download and Stream Rayders Playlist Volume 1

For the Love of Music and the passion we have towards Music Lovers, we at Raymist Management Company are glad to announce to you that Rayders Playlist (Volume 1) is officially out!!

Rayders Playlist is a compilation of GREAT Nigerian songs selected & Mixed by DJ Silent Toh Bad not just for enjoyment alone but also for that time you want to connect with your inner self. To complete the spice, RMC’s DJ Silent (@DjSilent_Toh_Bad) pitched songs from new school artistes including @Mickiimusic alongside the BIG GUYS (Wizkid, David, Olamide etc) who have been in the industry for almost a decade.

Packaged and Branded by Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott), The Rayders Playlist is that Playlist you should have on your device.

Download & Enjoy Rayders Playlist here 👇🏼👇🏼




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