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An unidentified young man has been discovered as the most dressed table water seller on the street of Lagos. According to words on the street, he is known to win the attention of the elite on the street in their expensive cars who rides through the busy rods of Lagos.
In a society where many disdain the sale of table water, regarding it as one of the menial jobs in the society, this young man has taken it to a new height by making the best out of what looks like the meanest job around.
It’s a popular norm in our society, that millennials would rather seek a white-collar or any other means of livelihood that tends to give them the high societal influence that gives them the feeling of importance and reverence.
Altering the status quo, this bottled water entrepreneur, popularly called ‘table water’ seller has decided to market it’s low class business with a high status dress code, making him gain the attention of the high classed, who took interest, not in his table water, but in the medium he uses to market his business.

sachet water2089756866The story of this young man is a typical example that anything is marketable if one knows how to sell it and also if you know how to create a beautiful brand from something that is nothing.
While seeking a better opportunity for a good or better job, you can always take advantage of the menial jobs available and surprisingly, the results that can be generated from those very low-class jobs sometimes can make your jaw drop in amazement.
Can you do the same?
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