No Nigerian Politician will make Heaven. ‘jae baz’ speak

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No Nigerian Politician will make Heaven.

And im saying this not because i see politics as the Principal of Slavery which is already a violation to Humanity already… but because even today where by we have decided to pick the ones to lead us but stil yet we find ourselves dealing with the last issue from this new one. It is a very saddened discovery to know that the world has been structured in a way that no matter how good your are.

The moment you choose to lead others you must follow a certainty of rules that guides and protect only the Top Class and not those who has put them there. It is a very bitter life experience. And now we have laws of man…that man created and also laws of nature which mother earth has blessed us with. But through politics…anything that now has emotions and common sense have become a thing of the past and now we embrace evil doers…homosexual and mystery religion as the truth.

We have giving all our hopes to those who wanna see us in chains and Labour for their gain. If a woman was treated in such a way and she was to cry to God it’ll be vengeance.

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