[NEWS] Tackle insecurity, corruption, unemployment, cleric tells Buhari

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A cleric , Adebola Odubela , has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari -led administration to , as a matter of urgency , take bold steps to tackle insecurity , corruption and unemployment confronting the nation.
He said this on Thursday in Agege , Lagos on the sidelines of the upcoming dedication of the new cathedral of the Sacred Cherubim & Seraphim Church , El – Bethel Shiloh , Agege , scheduled for Saturday ( today ) .
Odubela , who is the minister – in -charge, noted that banditry and insurgency were gaining ground in the country due to the lack of unemployment of the critical mass of the society , which were the youth.
The cleric also warned politicians to guard their utterances and imbibe acts that would promote unity and harmony in the country, adding that Nigeria could not afford another civil war .
While calling on the government to declare a national day of prayer , Odubela argued that God was still interested in the prayers of the people, if they would repent from their sins .
He said , “ Unemployment , no doubt , is one of the ills fuelling the insecurity in the country. ‘ The devil finds work for an idle hand. ’ Therefore , the Federal Government should explore all avenues to provide employment for our teeming population , especially the youth . It must also enhance basic social infrastructure – electricity , potable water , good roads and well kept drainage channels, to reduce rural – urban migration .
“ Concerted efforts must be made at all governmental and non – governmental levels to fight corruption to its minimal level .
“ Let me also say that our political leaders have a major role to play in fostering unity among the component units of this country by tempering their utterances , and conduct and exhibit the highest level of patriotism and altruism at all times . ”
He called on the residents of Lagos to support the state government by obeying environmental and traffic laws in order to make the state habitable and pleasurable for all to live in .
“We should support the state government by paying our taxes as and when due to enable the government to provide adequately for developmental projects , ” he said

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