[Music] Bosh – On Me


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On me is a Love song with a Mid tempo and a very catchy hook ,I’m not just making music because every other person does,i want to be able to touch lives with my music in a positive way which I think I’m already doing .I am not blown yet but I feel like I’m blown because I’m touching lives  already with the sound I create .Are you going to ask how ?well,I make a lot of people smile with my sound,dance ,make people want to love more and I’m not done yet,I still want to connect with more people from different parts of the world.Remember the dream is to touch lives in a positive way . join  me as I continue to chase my dreams .”I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.”….,.Big shout out to everyone who has been supporting  me ,I promise I won’t let you guys down.



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