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Living “the jet life” is typical for wealthy entertainers all over the world. It is an indication that a celebrity has joined the rich and famous. Some Nigerian musicians prefer to pamper themselves with the private aircraft life. Billionaire daughter and Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy has joined that gang as she flaunted herself on a private jet.
This gifted lady works very hard to establish her music brand and promote it throughout Nigeria and entire Africa. Like any other celebrity, this young lady prefers traveling by luxury cars and by air as you can see from some of her posts on social media. Furthermore, DJ Cuppy is also known as “Daddy’s little girl”. She uses her father, Femi Otedola’s private aircraft. She took to her Instagram page to share a video of herself in a private jet, chanting ‘Gelato’.

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Nigerian musicians that can afford it show us that a personal jet is the best choice for transportation for many famous musicians because it allows them to enjoy their privacy, high standard comfort, and of course, post pictures of their luxury lives on social media.
They constantly flaunt their new toys online. However, the prices are what make the difference! The same happens to musicians, especially with male performers. They amuse themselves with luxury cars, beautiful private boats, and even fast jets! The ladies are not left out of this trend as well.


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