Meet 5 Fashionable Fashion Accessories Of The Past!

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Meet 5 Fashionable Fashion Accessories Of The Past! : Fashion and Accessories

Fashion accessories play an extremely important role when it comes to putting on the look, whether in day-to-day compositions or even in an important event. So, they are pieces that must be chosen with great care not to leave the disharmonious look.

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Thinking about this subject, we made this post for you to know the 5 accessories that have become the women’s darlings of late! Are you interested? So keep reading! If you want more information, then you can visit at for more fashion accessories.

1. Maxibrincos

The maxibrincos are items that draw attention in any visual. Supermodern, they can be used both as protagonists of the look and to give that up necessary in some occasions.

Today, there is a wide variety of very large earrings on the market. We can see them in filigree, geometric, fan-colored, one-ear style, heavy-duty and even super-lightweight – that does not weigh and helps keep the ear beautiful.

2. Mirrored glasses

Although considered fashion accessories for modern girls, the mirrored glasses eventually conquered even the most discreet ones.

Faced as kitschy pieces until recently, they returned with everything to the list of items most adored by women. The secret that turned these pieces into a current trend was to add colored lenses to more rounded and lightweight frames.

3. Pearls

Delicate and feminine, the pearl is the right choice for those who like to make the classic line with a lot of personality. She popularized herself through Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (yes, “A” Chanel) and today features a wardrobe of most women who enjoy fashion accessories.

She looks good with different colors, ages and styles. In more discreet looks, the tip is to use only one pearl; in modern, combine with a maxi colar. A mix of smooth strings and pearl strings make it look more street or rocker.

4. Diamonds

As Marilyn Monroe used to say, diamonds are girls’ best friends! These valuable stones have a range of colors ranging from D to Z, with Z being the rarest. The higher the rating on the scale, the purer the stone is.

Diamond accessories have that special power to turn a sober look into something extremely elegant. They are expensive, traditional and look great on rings and chokers. A diamond jewelry can be passed from generation to generation without getting outdated.

Here at Fidha Accessories we have several accessories worked in micro-zirconia, which makes the product extremely chic and the finish flawless compared to a real jewel!

5. Handkerchiefs

Versatile, the scarves can be used in various ways in the production of the look. They are great for bad hair day days, they are a charm when turned into tiaras, they work well when tied around the neck and also become a differential when they are stuck in the bag.

When thrown over the shoulders, the scarves have the ability to give the right subtlety to the composition, regardless of the occasion and the production made.


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