#MakeWeTalk:- School vs Hustle, Which Is More Important?

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CollageMaker 20190914 121210813 1

Hello Guys,
We are happy to bring to you the Maiden edition of #MakeWeTalk on CitytrendTV where youths rub minds and discuss about issues affecting youths in Nigeria.
On today’s episode, we’ve got our panelists,
Bobbygramme , Mabel , Mirabel , Eniola , April ,
Tizz Baba and Junior debate on the issue of
School and hustle , which is really more important to us as Nigerian youths?
This topic was born out of the fact that many Nigerian youths who are supposed to be in school studying are also saddled with the responsibility of feeding themselves and families due to the fact that the Nigeria economic system no longer enables most parents to pay school fees and also feed their children at the same time.
Now the question we tried to find answers to on the show are:-
Is it possible to hustle while in school and pass out in flying colours?
If hustle is paying you millions while in school, is it advisable to drop out?
How can someone run school and hustle together without having issues?
All these and many more are the insights you’d be getting from this interesting show. You all need to watch this, whether you’re in school or not.

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  1. My brother, all aims leads to money… so hustle and also go 2 school in other 2 defend yourself in the society.
    Mr Ray reporting
    High standard empire

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