Is “Ghetto Love” The Worst Of All Wizkid’s Songs In Recent Times?

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Is “Ghetto Love” The Worst Of All Wizkid’s Songs In Recent Times?

Starboy Wizkid is no doubt one of Nigeria’s and even Africa’s biggest export when it comes to the entertainment industry.
Two days ago he dropped his very much anticipated single “ Ghetto Love ” making it his first song this year.
The song is a vibe! Kudos to Killertunes for that killer beat. While the song is gaining popularity and airplay there has been mixed feelings concerning the lyrics .

I definitely would dance to this in a party or at the club but I don’t think this song can be compared to previous works from Wizkid such as “ Joy” and “ Come Closer ” in message and content.
If Wizkid had dropped Larry Gaaga‘s “ Low ” as his first official song of 2019, I swear it would have been madd ooo.
You gave us “ Low “, “ Gbese” and your delivery on “ Brown Skin girl ” was excellent, only to water it down with “ For your matter, mo fo ooo “.
Let’s be sincere, Wizkid has passed the standard of “For your matter, mo fo wewe“.

From a different angle we could say he is responding to demand as the banging songs right now are filled with raw street slangs.
Let’s not even go as far as comparing “ Ghetto Love ” to Davido ‘s “ blow my mind “, the gap plenty gan.
Wizkid ‘s poor lyrical delivery on this “Ghetto Love” would have been forgiveable if it was dropped as a freestyle.
Someone even said, you can only enjoy the song when you’re drunk
Overall, we will rate the song, 4/10 .
What Are Your Thoughts On Wizkid’s Song, “Ghetto Love”?


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