[interview] – Akwa Ibom Has No Entertainment Industry. My thought, My Perspective, My Mother Land. – Folarin Ade-Ojo

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RE: Akwa Ibom Has No Entertainment Industry. My thought, My Perspective, My Mother Land.

The Land of Promise – Akwa Ibom State , happens to be my Mother and Mother’s land.
I’m proud to be a product of a long lineage of Inter marriage; though i came from a Yoruba Semen that mated with An Ibibio ovary.

It is also worthy of note that my paternal grandma (RIP) hails from Esuk Enwang in Mbo Local Government Area of Oro nation, i was also born in the just renovated General Hospital Iquita, Oron Local Government Area.
My Mother is a proud daughter of Etinan from Afaha Akpan Ekpo Village, I’ve also grown to know an ibibio adage from my Etinan relatives that says “owo isi sinne ayeyin or Owo isi nama ayeyin idiok”.

Which means “No one harms a grandchild or reject him”. In case you’re still doubting i am as Akwa Ibom as you are too, even though i spent my formative years in Lagos i also developed myself and purpose in our dear Akwa Ibom State.
It is in this Akwa Ibom state i understood what Love is and realized that my first love is Music and in this same Akwa Ibom i learned everything i needed to learn to be eloquent and relevant in my field of passion – Music Business.

I am known here than in Lagos which means this is my community and any true African wants progress for his immediate community and the prosperity of its residents which is why I’ve chosen my own tool for shaping lives – Music.

When i said “There’s no Industry here” i didn’t say it as a foreigner in the land or to spite my Mother land but i said it to awaken the spirit of excellence and progress amongst us.

There are so many key indicators that make up an industry and we aren’t that close to having a functional one yet though the Pioneer SA on entertainment has tried his best by getting the Government of the day actively involved in the Entertainment Forum, and i also recognize the efforts of people before him and some that are trying to bring life to our ibeno beach and the positive move by some to take Akwa Ibom State to the world, but what’s an industry when it can’t work/walk on its own? Can only an appointee or a few practitioners turn what we have to the industry that we desire?

The attitude of the people who don’t like to attend shows.
The disregard and underrating of local content.
No TV station to air music videos.
Lack of A&R / management.
No dedicated industry media platform cos most blogs are politics driven.

Entertainment is a very lucrative business, according to Industry reports Nigerian Entertainment Industry raked in $3.8 Billion Dollars in 2018.

Wow! Right?
Yeah! So now you see what i meant by my List; Akwa Ibom State is Blessed with Talented Musicians and as a Music Business man, my primary work as a Talent Manager is to create Value for talents by helping them turn their Passion into Profits.

In other for us to rise to the faith of greatness, we have to collectively invest and support ourselves.

Have you bought an Artiste song before?
Have you attended a show before?
If Music is food to your soul and your soul is what matters the most, don’t you think you should place value on Music?

God will bless our collective efforts and bless our industry. We need a collective Revolution to build an industry from what we have. We have the talent , we have the desire, we shall get there someday.

My Name is Folarin Ade-Ojo

We Love You

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