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What is success? It is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It can also mean completing an objective or reaching a goal. Success is that feeling you have because of the excitement about what you do, sticking with matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect (that is to look or refer back to).

What does Success really mean to you? Because before you can achieve success, you need to understand what it is and what it is not.
We all want success, we want to be successful in every areas of our life, we chase money, fame, power, relationships, popularity, But what really is success? We need to have our own definition of what success is and not allow someone to define success for us. In achieving success, we must set our goals and objectives based on what we want, what we desire and not what someone else wants for us. We should know that what makes me happy does not make someone else happy. If we fail to define success for ourselves and try to pursue someone else’s path, we’ll end up fustrated, unhappy and ultimately feeling deeply unsuccessful.

I remember a time in my life when i was in 100level, i saw a lot of people doing different things in school back then, there was OJ Media doing Photography, So many into clothing lines, music and many other things. Then my friends jumped into photography and i had to jump into it too, the days of jaysnaps. What came out of it, “FUSTRATION” It wasn’t my thing, no matter how much time i devoted to editing a picture, when am done people don’t always like it, i remember a time after spending hours editing a picture, my friends told me it looked like Vampire picture. I was unhappy with what i was doing and i became fustrated with my self in the process, i so abandon it and look for my own path.

How Hungry Are You To Succeed?
Everyone wants to be Successful, but are you doing what successful people do? You want money, car, better job and compare yourself to successful people out there, the Question is what are you doing about it?

Another thing is how are you using your time? In my school here, i face a lot of challenges when it comes to me blogging, is it network or school work i want to talk of, most time till 3am am awake trying to make post for people to read for the day or am in standing in the hot sun trying to find network sometimes. Are you engaging in success and being productive? What goals do you set for yourself? Are you Squandering your time engaging in pointless activities that are not aligned to your goals?

Start thinking of Something different that will help you make progress in the right direction,set goals that will drive you, dream more. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start something. Till this moment, my father don’t know i have a blog of my own or i have something am doing like this, i did not wait for him to give me money or determine this is what you will do after school, am already thinking of a way out after school right now.
Maybe you don’t know, you are responsible for your success or failure, your parent or any other person is not responsible. You have to be hungry to make a difference, Who you surround yourself with also matters, if you keep company with average people, you will never push yourself to achieve more.

In conclusion, i will say that, success is a goal and a journey, when you reach a certain milestone, that is an element of success, but you don’t stop there, you have to keep pushing higher, am still pushing, i have not achieve anything yet am just happy with what am doing right now am makes me feel successful but am still pushing striving for more and trying to get better and i know one day it will be Jaynaija on everyone’s lips…

Thanks for reading this and a big thank you to Caleb University Ignite Africa for bringing this out of me….CEOJAYNAIJA

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