How To Win In A Singing Competition

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How To Win In A Singing Competition : Learn and Build Your Music Career

Love them or loathe them, competitions have become increasing popular over the past decade. They offer music industry executive a means of discovering talent and offer a platform for artists to perform as the public look on. The purpose of this blog to offer a few thoughts for the growing number of acts who are eager to gain exposure in this musical sport.

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Competitions are not for everyone and the purists out there will avoid them like the plague. There are however many ways for artists to gain valuable experience through entering competitions so here are 3 things to consider if you’re in preparation for a competition.

1. Don’t try to imitate…innovate

There’s nothing more painful than listening to a 2nd rate Olamide or Davido. Artist need to find their unique sound and style whilst demonstrating individuality. Most competitions provide a place for original music to be heard so give the judges and audience more than a karaoke experience.

2. Think beyond the competition

As far as competitions are concerned, if you’re only concerned with winning, you’ve probably already lost. Your sense of worth and value as an artist should not be determined by votes or judges. You need to think past the competition and consider what you have to offer the world of entertainment, what people want to hear and why people should listen to you when there’s millions of other acts. Every performance is an opportunity to connect with an audience and learn something new…being overly concerned about winning or scoring point will take your focus away from honing your craft as a performer.

3. Make friends

One of the best things you can do throughout a competition is to make friends. See your competitors as comrades and see your judges as useful connections…the word judge conjures up a lot of negative connotations so it’s best to get things straight.


Most people at events such as 5 BEATZ CHALLENGE who are ‘judging’ acts are nice people who dedicate their time and skills to helping people in the music business.



Team 5 Beatz Challenge 2019

Peace out!


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