How To Tweak IMEI Number From Android To Blackberry – 2017

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The only way to use blackberry data on Android is by changing your Android IMEI number to the one of a blackberry device.

Yes when this is done, you can now enjoy browsing on your Android phone with a Blackberry subscription because your android phone would now be showing as a blackberry device to the network operator, which makes the subscription work for you.

How to change this Android IMEI is by using an Application called MTK Engineering. This application only works perfectly on MTK devices only, remember the name of the app is MTK, so it implies so, MTK devices are phones such as Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, itel, Innjoo and so on.

Just to let you in on some advantages and disadvantages of IMEI Tweaking…

Advantages of Tweaking your IMEI number from Android to BB

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– You begin getting a charge out as blackberry device on your Android.
– You now change any accessible free data on new phones into your own phone.
– Delight of adaptability starting with one telephone IMEI then onto the next.

Disadvantages of Tweaking your IMEI number from Android to BB

– IMEI tweaking is unlawful in numerous nations so change at your own particular risk.
– IMEI tweaking consequently voids your telephone guarantee.
– You can block your telephone on the off chance that you don’t take after the right steps while tweaking IMEI.

How To Tweak IMEI Number From Android To Blackberry

You need to download Mobile Uncle Tool app, this app is not really necessary but its used to check if an IMEI is valid or not and give you details about the imei number. You can download it by clicking here

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Now the MTK engineering mode, Download

Very important to note, please adhere and follow the procedures rightly to get positive results, we at CityTrend will not be held responsible for any mistakes. So please use your brain well.

1. Open and run the mobile uncle tool or the mtk engineering mode app you installed, Click MTK settings

2. On the app menu, tap on “engineering mode”

3. A new page will open, select engineering mode (MTK)

4. Another page will open, now swipe right to connectivity page in the mtk engineering mode app

5. Now select “CDS information”

6. On the new page that opens, tap on “radio information”

7. Another page will open containing two options. This two options appears in phones with dual SIM but if yours is only one SIM, you will see only one option. Now select the preferred SIM you want to do it.

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Phone 1 is for SIM one

Phone 2 is for SIM two.

In this tutorial, we are making use of SIM one. So tap on phone one

8. Place your cursor just after the AT+ and type this EGMR=1,7,””

9. Now enter the IMEI number you want to tweak just between the two quotation marks ” “

10. After typing the IMEI, recheck and see if it is 15 digits and tap on “Send at command”

11. You will see a small pop up message saying that your command has been msent

That’s all, You can now check your new IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

Please make sure you save your original IMEI number somewhere you can refer back to.

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