How To Turn (Do Not Disturb) “ON , OFF” On MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT

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Do Not Disturb (DND) is a new service introduced by Nigerian telecommunications to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls or SMS on your mobile phone.


This Do Not Disturb service was formally recommended by NCC and finally impremented by all Nigerian mobile telecommunications such as MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.

Without wasting much of our time i want to use this opportunity to teach you guys how to activate or deactivate the service in case if the need arises but before then let me explain more why you might want to deactivate DO NOT DISTURB service.

Do you belong to a group that normally reach you through customized sms (Bulk SMS) then the Do not disturb service might not be recommend as such services might hinder you from getting any text messages from your group.

But if you don’t belong to any group that usually send text messages to you then using Do Not Disturb service may be perfect option to avoid unwanted text messages from Marketers.

How to Activate Do Not Disturb on MTN Nigeria

A customer will be able to perform the following DND activities via SMS

View Status
Activate full blocking
Activate partial blocking
Opt out of DND

Simply text HELP to the short code 2442 to find out more

The following SMS keywords can be used to set your DND preference.

STOP: To stop all SMS and IVR messages
ALLOW: To receive all SMS and IVR messages
SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products SMS
SMS 2: To receive Real Estate SMS and IVR messages
SMS 3: To receive Education SMS and IVR messages
SMS 4: To receive Health SMS and IVR messages
SMS 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS and IVR messages
SMS6: To receive Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS and IVR messages
SMS 7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS and IVR messages
SMS 8: To receive Sport SMS and IVR messages
SMS 9: To receive Religion SMS and IVR messages
STATUS: To check your DND status

How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb on MTN Nigeria

To opt out of the service, you will need to text the word “ALLOW” to the short code 2442. To opt-out is free.

How to check status

To check status, you will need to text the key word STATUS to 2442

How to Activate or Deactivate Do Not Disturb on ETISALAT Nigeria

Do Not Disturb service will allow all etisalat customers to opt-out of receiving unsolicited marketing messages and calls and to set it up is simple all you need to do is to SMS STOP to 2442 to see full options which includes activation and deactivation etc.

How to Activate or Deactivate Do Not Disturb on Airtel Network

If you are using mobile phone airtel requires that you visit this link to activate Do Not Disturb service on your line but if you are using an artile landline you can equally visit this link or Alternatively you could register over SMS following the instructions below.

SMS “START ” or “START , ” to register your preference for receiving selective categories of promotional SMS’, to 1909.

In case you want to stop all promotions, SMS “START 0” to 1909.
Or you could register via our dedicated IVR at 1909, from your airtel mobile or landline phone

Promotional calls and messages to your airtel phone should stop within 7 days from registration. You will receive a Unique Reference Number, through SMS, for your records. If you have already registered and have recently updated your preferences, please allow 7 days for that change to be implemented.

How to Activate or Deactivate Do Not Disturb on Airtel Network

To activate or deactivate Do Not Disturb on Glo network all you need to do is to follow the same instruction just like MTN by sending an sms HELP to 2442 and follow the options to activate or deactivate the do not disturb service on your phone.

If you still need any help regarding Do Not Disturb service kindly use the comment section below.


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