How To Get Unlimited Free MTN Airtime From MusicPlus App

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As you know, Musicplus is MTN owned Music streaming and download platform. It gives users or subscribers access to get all types of latest Music from the platform. Users can also upload, stream and download music if they want. One of the features of the Platform we are interested in the service is that it gives loyalty point for using the platform and the points can be exchanged for Airtime or other premium services.


Just like I mentioned above, MTN Musicplus gives users loyalty point for using the app and it can be exchange for Airtime. So, I will be sharing with you on how you can get free loyalty points from MTN Musicplus service and how you can exchange it to Airtime.

Kindly note that the Airtime can be transfer to another MTN line and you can also use it to subscribe for any data bundle and others.

How To Get Unlimited Free MTN Airtime From MusicPlus App

1. First of all, you need to download the MTN MusicPlus app on PlayStore or HERE

2. Launch MTN MusicPlus app and input your MTN number so as to sign in. Now click on Get Codeand Six digits code will be send to you then Log in.

3. Now, make sure that you don’t have Airtime on the SIM you use to Sign in.

4. Toggle on the three line on the top left side of the App.

5. Click on Music Plan then Subscribe to the 30Days Plan.

6. Now go to your SIM and Send STOP to 5900 via SMS

7. Repeat Step 4, 5 and 6 respectively to accumulate your bonus points till you enter MTN blackbook.

8. Note that each Activation = 1000 Points

How To Exchange Your MTN MusicPlus Points For Airtime

Now that you already have enough Bonus Points then is time to convert it to Airtime. Note that your Points is available below your Profile/Number.

1. Toggle on the three line on the top left side of the MTN MusicPlus App.

2. Click on your Profile/Number on the top bar

3. Click on Bonus Points

4. Now click on N100 Airtime for 5000 Point exchange.

6. Repeat Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you want to use all your Bonus Points for Airtime exchange.

Incase you are blacklisted, just chill till next 24hrs to be whitelisted back.


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