How to Connect an Ethernet Cable to a PC

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Ethernet cables look like large telephone cords, and the ports they plug into look like phone jacks. They’re used to connect devices like cable, DSL and fax modems and routers, to computers. Connecting them to computers is as easy as connecting a telephone cord to a phone jack in the wall.

Power down the computer.

Position the computer and the device to which the ethernet cable is connected so that you can access both of them with ease, and so that each of them can have access to one another. A computer’s ethernet ports are usually on the back side of it, so turn the computer so that you can reach that side.

Connect the end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the computer. The cable will automatically lock into the port.

Turn the computer back around to its starting position and start it up. The computer should automatically detect that a new device has been added.

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