[Gossip] – List of artist that worth 1 million naira per show in akwaibom // number 2 will shock you.

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Maverick Music Business Mogul Folarin Adey has come out with a list of Artists Worth 1 Million Naira, this is after posting a picture that stated “NO ARTIST IN AKWA IBOM STATE IS WORTH 1 MILLION NAIRA”. This brought about mixed reactions on Facebook as some industry players reacted to this post.

Here’s the list of Artists worth 1 Million Naira per gig in Akwa Ibom State.

Number 1 – Mista Xto – He needs no introduction as he has done it as an indie artist and succeeded through strategy in content and marketing which was all done by himself.
He’s performed Beyond Akwa Cross Region and Nigeria, he has been paid in millions severally by event organizers from early 2000s till now. He is a pioneer of so many things and his style of Music is one and second to none.
He has been a regular performer on Star Trek Concert in Akwa Ibom and other states, apart from these he has contacts in the capital of entertainment business in Nigeria.
In the quest for greatness he created a record label and signed some artists who record label and signed some artists who made it to the spotlight too like Nu Skool.
Mista Xto has performed for all the past Presidents from Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan.

Number 2 – Sir Wilker – The High life Maestro also needs no introduction as his song has cut across all age, gender and to Cross River state. He’s also another artist worth being paid 1 Million Naira as his songs have built value for him over time.
Sir Wilker just ended his multi city tour across Nigeria and has raised a standard for himself. Sir wilker is the most booked artiste in Akwa Ibom as he plays every weekend at weddings and Burials. He is a household name and the artist that has penetrated the nooks and crannies in this state.

Number 3 – Unik Brodas – This brothers have appeared and disappeared but when they reappeared they came with a song that secured their place and name in the Music Scene here. AMEM really gave them that push and recognition making their worth visible. AMEM came with a lot of Financial rewards for UNIK BRODAS making them A Listers in Akwa Ibom state and one of the most sought after artists now. Unik Brothers have cashed out from bookings and government shows. Their song is one of the biggest hits in Akwa Ibom state.

Number 4 – Supersonic Blaze – He’s the perfect definition of a ‘halfway tree’ as he’s a blend of Old School and New School. Blaze as he is fondly called isn’t new to this game; he’s hard chart topping singles

this game; he’s hard chart topping singles played on Soundcity FM and Soundcity TV, not only that he has had his own Industry Night in Lagos, performed at major gigs in Lagos, Abuja, Dubai and recently was paid a whooping sum of .5 Million Naira to perform at Kizz Daniel’s NBS TOUR in Abuja. He is billed to perform at another gig by November in Abuja with a performance fee of 7 figures.
A very controversial artist who bares his mind. Always supporting and propagating the entertainment industry in Akwa Ibom with his opinions and constructive criticism. He has been a DJ in a 5 star hotel in Lagos, performed at Felabration, Reality TV star. He is probably the artist with the most mainstream industry connects in Akwa Ibom. He is always on all government shows in Akwa Ibom
It is also worthy of note that Supersonic Blaze is the president of Akwa Ibom

Recording Artistes Association (AIRAA).

Number 5 is Eyen Obong Owo Himself ‘Sagas’, he doesn’t know this but I’ve been his fan from way back 2010 and there was a time i was so eager to meet him which i did and we now relate like industry people.
Sagas has two EPs, a good rapper cum singer, has done a lot for Hip Hop in Akwa Ibom state yet he hasn’t still gotten the credit he deserves.
Sagas was the opening act for Mr Eazi’s show at Fela’s shrine few years ago. He has featured in Basketmouth’s FLATMATES and has performed in few other states.
Sagas also has his own event- THE EVENING WITH SAGAS which is meant to hold again this year.


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