Get 1GB Data For N300 – Airtel Operamini Social Plan

Airtel has one of the many Internet data plans you can subscribe to, compared to MTN, Glo or even Etisalat networks, Airtel Internet data plans is one to recon with.

The more recent Internet data plan for airtel is the triple surf data subscription were you will be given extra data on any of the airtel daily, weekly and even monthly plan you may want to subscribe to. The data given in the airtel Triple Surf Offer breakdown into three stages, the 50% data for the first time you subscribe, the 75% data the second time you re-subscibe or renew your current data plan and the 100% data, were you are given 100% of the data you bought which is the last stage, and this continues as you subscribe for more.

Also, another is the airtel 3GB plan were you would be given 3GB data for N1000. Yes its 3GB for N1000 as you have seen, so these are some of the more recent airtel plans introduced lately.

In this post i will be sharing you information on the airtel operamini social plan. The truth is that this plan has existed for a while now and many airtel users have actually been using it. From some research and recent discovery i found out that not many airtel users know about this airtel operamini social plan.

About The Airtel Operamini Social Plan

Some things you must know about the airtel operamini social plan, for those who know about this plan, they have an idea or understand what is about. This plan only offers you access to browse with operamini browser alone and social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp inclusive all with the 1GB data given to you for N300. Using operamini to browse alone in this plan, you can browse any website you intend visiting, it can also be used to download files from the Internet too, but using the same operamini app to download. It is very fast in download also.

As i already hinted this airtel operamini social plan can be used to browse Facebook and WhatsApp using the Facebook app or you can use any browser to visit

Many Internet users that use operamini browser more to browse the Internet would really love this plan especially because of cost.

How To Subscribe To The Airtel Operamini Social Plan

The airtel operamini social plan is of three offers, though the best is the last offer which is the N300 for 1GB which lasts for 25 days. Also included offers are the Monthly plan N200 for 25 days about 500MB and the weekly plan, N100 for 5 days, though am more interested in the N300 for 25 days which is better off, you can dial *688# to see the offers.

To subscribe to the airtel operamini social plan which gives 1GB data for N300, simply dial *688*1# and immediately you will get a message that your subscription is successfully. To check you data balance simply dial *141*7#. That’s All.

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