Female music artist ‘Gracysoul’ give 10 reason why you should consider marrying a single mother

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A relationship artist(Gracysoul) has come up with 10 reasons why she thinks single mothers may make better wives than usual single ladies. His submission remains an opinion though, as it is subject to a debate. I personally do not agree with 50% of his thoughts, and you may have your reservations too. However, here is what he wrote:


It’s so sad that men in Africa, especially Nigeria overlook dating or getting married to single mothers. I once heard a man say “single mothers” are burdens and are only good for sex. This is a grand misconception. See below for 10 valid reasons why singles mothers may be better wives than the typical single ladies.


*1. SHE IS MORE MATURE:* Having a child forces a woman to grow faster and assume more responsibilities. She tends to have her priorities straight.

*2. SHE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH MONEY:* A Lady with no child tends to spend her money on clubs, drinks, hair, skincare, etc. But a single mother is more financially prudent with money.

*3. SHE HAS A BIGGER VISION:* A lot of single ladies don’t know what they want in life yet. They haven’t figured out their self-actualized state. But single mothers have a plan that can fit five people.

*4. SHE KNOWS WHAT KIND OF MAN SHE WANTS:* Because she already has a running family unit on her own, she knows the perfect fit for a husband. A lot of single ladies don’t know the type of man they want. All they are sure of is that THE MAN MUST HAVE MONEY.

*5. SHE TENDS TO BE MORE SPIRITUAL:* Because of the stigma and challenges single mothers face, they are often more religious than single ladies. They will pray for their husbands more.

*6. HER STRENGTH IS TESTED:* Mothers shoulder a lot: from carrying pregnancy to raising a child. Marrying a single mother guarantees an amazon at your side. She will support and love you.

*7. SHE APPRECIATES THE VALUE OF A REAL MAN:* Most likely she’s a single mother because things didn’t work out in her previous relationship due to her mistakes or ex-boyfriend’s mistakes. She will appreciate a second chance at love, unlike the usual single ladies who are full of unrealistic fantasies, high expectations, and love for money.

*8. SEXUAL SKILLS:* Single mothers know how to take care of a man sexually. When married to them, they know all the G-spots in men from the nipples, neck, perineum, etc. Many usual single ladies only expect a man to know how to take care of them sexually but don’t consider it a problem that they don’t know how to do the same to a man.

*9. SHE WILL CHALLENGE YOU:* Dating a mother who already has a functioning family unit will give you as a man a new perspective in life. You will become homelier and invest more.

*10. HER CHILDREN WILL MELT YOUR HEART AND MOTIVATE YOU TO BECOME A FATHER EARLY:* You think you hate kids and don’t want to have any yet? Try hooking up a single mother.


Do you have an reservations to this or it’s all shades of PLAIN FACT to you? Share your thoughts.




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