Eny G Dynamite Academy Presents “The Duet”

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Eny G Dynamite Academy Presents “The Duet” : Latest Entertainment Gist

The Duet is a musical movie that tells the story of street kids (the abandoned of our society, who survives by reckless living) Eno (Eny G Nkanta) who found herself in the same Street, decides to become an agent of transformation in the street by challenging the kids to look inward and use their potentials as a means of survival.

Eny G Dynamite Academy Presents "The Duet"
Eny G Dynamite Academy Presents “The Duet”

This paved ways for them in the Government philosophy of “DAKKADA” and The Duet emergence as “STARS” .

This movie is a student final project (Eny G Nkanta) featuring, Ezz Sampson, Emma Etukudo, Rev. Fr. Thomas Ebong, Eny G Nkanta, Patryk Edeke, and Anni Peter.

Produced by Eny G Nkanta and Directed by Finest Uwaoma. 2018 production.


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