Education: Tutorial! Tutorial!! Tutorials!!!

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*Watch out*
Result loading …………..
*As you see your result may you not cry.
* your G.p will not go down
*No high B.p because of low G.p
*For your G.p to remain on top or continue to climb up*
You need to join the movement, and you need to join it now,
War Against Carryover  –
We are waging war against any form of carry over ………..


Enough is Enough, Enough is Enough
Enough of crying after seeing your result,
Enough of G.P that gives high B.P,
Enough of small G.P.

WACO Presents
Tips on how to answer questions to examiner’s standard, How to deal with different examination terminologies. First class students and their secrets,
Seasoned and vast tutor, Examination Prayers
Come and say Bye to Bad result, after exams
….We are social and Successful.
God bless your thinking, initiative and knowledge sir.
Now this is my comment on this for those in the state of confusion:
Organization of tutorials is one of the constitutional duties of the academic directors which serves as an aid to better academic performance.

Tutorial is OPTIONAL please. It has been scientifically proven that tutorial classes helps to better the academic result of students in higher institutions.
Before the formation of DSA, there were tutorial classes, sequel to the preparation of last semester’s examination, there was TUTORIAL. So, Who is Fooling Who.
 Please once again tutorial is OPTIONAL and calls the attention of those that feels they need it.

Now, to you assessor, you made your agenda too obvious. Even if u were told to do this, courtesy demands you as an educator in training to make SELF ASSESSMENT before being used.
Anyway nice one for your write up because your OPINION really matters.
Just don’t forget that No One can Guarantee Freedom after Speech.

politics is a dangerous game



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