Education: School Of Business ( methods of teaching) In Subject Area.

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The lecturer for this course is Mr. Ogumaye and since he was not around last week the class didn’t hold and adjustments have been made by the governors, classes will now hold on Tuesdays 12-2pm.

He gave a brief description and summary or you can say it more of the history of business education and that happens to be the first topic on the course content.

 Also he added that materials would be made available for you to read because he is not going to dictate his note but only lecture us on it.

“Advice from him: I will like it if everyone come for lectures for the next four weeks because I will be treating my A.O.C (Area of concentration) and probably treat likely questions also so you can prepare ahead.”


1. Introduction to the study of the special method and techniques of teaching.

2. The nature, scope, concept and content of major teaching subject, we will discuss together with the analysis of teaching/studying​ the subject.

3. Attributes or characteristics of a good teacher.

4. Meaning of value, attitude, skills of problem study, curriculum, syllabus, scheme of work, lesson note and lesson plan, teaching method, evaluation.

Please note that the course is very broad and it advisable to read all and any materials you come across, try to attend classes also, cause it’s likely attendance will be taken by the lecturer and be prayerful.
                      Thank you.


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