Education: School of Business (Lectures on Instructional technology).

Dr.Oyekola gave a brief introduction to the course and also reminded us to join the WhatsApp Group, lecture materials will be posted ahead of each class on the platform.

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Also there has been a new development on how the lecture will be delivered, which he called Team teaching approach, which will be delivered by four(4) lecturers, and it will be handled based on their area of specialty.

The lecture has been broken down as followed:
*we have one(1) almighty test.
*one(1) group project/practical.
*separate test from all the lectures and
*one(1) assignment.

Further instructions are:
1. Get a smart phone
2. Join the group chat
3. Download the Edmodo App password and link will be provided to you on the Group by the lecturer.
A well prepared course outline and other study materials will be provided when available.

To join the group click==&gt

use your Google mail and register as student.

Also, endeavor to download the apps.

To register on Edmodo==>

                       thank you.

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