Education: school of business (lectures on V.T.E)

Lectures have commenced fully for the 200l, students and all students that are yet to resume are advised to start coming for lectures.

 Today at 8:00am the Vocational technical education (V.T.E) commenced and it was a delivered and cultured in such a way that individual reviews on the notes dictated by mr segun would be easily understood when studied.

HOT :   Education: What Do You Know About NEVS?? (The Nigeria Education Verification System)

1.defination,scope,philosophy and objective of V.T.E

2.Development of (VTE) in Nigeria.

3. The role of (VTE) in national development.

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4.Characteristics of VTE.

5. Problems and prospects of VTE.

6. Place of VTE in UBE
7.Business education

8.Accounting education

9. Office technology and management (OTME).

10. Agricultural education etc.


Enable to get notes to copy from..
                    thank you

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