Education: Poems and poetry ( The Rain poetry)

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That it rained yesterday and also today,
Is no license to act mummy and daddy play,
Some pray the rain doesn’t go away,
So they would relax and on their beds lay…

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So profusely the skies are sweating,
For the sins of humanity, like a baby it shed tears,
The crops dance and sing songs of rejoicing,
A bountiful harvest to end the scourge of hungry years..

The rain, out pours reaching my veins, Drains my pains, health to my brains… Though I can’t explain, how you are… To some a loss others gain.
You wash away stains but on muddy rod you bring stain….

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Quench our thirst,
Wash away all the pains of yesterday,
Sieze from crying,
So the sun can dry the tears our clothes have shed for days.

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Ps: Beg the rain to stop…. The clothes I washed is yet to dry.

Written by
Archibong Ekomobong
@ writers group.

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