Education: Anticipate The Degree Week(pay your Dues)

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Who do you think is the most popular degree student on campus?
Are you the one?
Anticipate as we await the upcoming annual Degree week…


It’s gonna feature so many programmes
*Sport etc
I will be there
Will you be there??

  Citytrendwill be bringing you live report from the upcoming degree week awards/dinner night party, alongside​ photos from the daily activities in case you miss it but I wouldn’t miss it if I were you,

For live videos and photos from the events follow up updates on;
↪instagram: citytrend_updates
🔃Twitter: city_trend36
🔄 Facebook:

“It gonna be crazy all the way don’t miss the fun.
💯💯🔞 It a one time opportunity, it can’t happen if you don’t pay your dues

                  BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!


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