Don’t HYPE That Song, If You Don’t Have It YET

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Don’t HYPE That Song, If You Don’t Have It YET : Latest Entertainment Tips For Artist

Don’t HYPE that song, if you don’t have it YET..🎸🎷 Don’t put a DATE on it, if its not secretly UP already..📱

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If you read the sentence above, you would think maybe in trying to rhyme or play with words.. But NO!😑 I’m saying reality of what I have seen happen several times.. As an entertainer, you need to understand how certain things work…one of those things is HYPING your song..💪🏼🎸🎤

Hyping is very key to you as a FAST RISING artiste or an entertainer..but don’t ever HYPE your song if you don’t have it with you already.. 💁🏽‍♂I mean, The song must have been MIXED, MASTERED and FINISHED before you start your HYPE.. Why? Because its BETTER to not disappoint your ‘little’ FANS.. 😞🎬🎙

So many things can go wrong..lets say the producer says “dont worry ill finish it on the 4th” and because of how excited you are about a new start HYPING on all paltforms..saying “im dropping a JAM on the 6th”…and GBAM..the producer suddenly disappoints on 4th… So now u have to postpone.. 😭And the worst thing about postponing is that u will kill the Momentum and excitement u have built in the minds of FANS… Bleh!👇

Fans have alot going on in their lifes…They think of work, their spouse.. How to pass this semseter exam etc…💁🏽‍♂so THEY dont have time for your HYPE ending in ‘disappointments’… So always bring it 100% for them..💥🎉🔥

Record that song, Finish all the process, make it QUALITY then collect it… Before you start HYPING..🔥🎤🎷 Please put a date on your HYPE (don’t tell us ‘next week Friday’…whats that?..tell us something like ‘Aug 15th, 8pm)…. And yeah, Make Sure you’ve uploaded the song ” 12 hours” before you post the LINKs to fans… Trust me!🙏🏼

I am Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott), A great asset to the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.. More on ‘HOW to HYPE YOUR SONG the RIGHT way to SUCCEED ” will be out on blogs Oct 3rd, 8pm.🎙

#RaymistManagementCompany (@RaymistMgtCompany)


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