Do You Remember? : D’Banj Gave Best Performance Of All Time In 2007 “Headies Awards”

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Do You Remember? : D’Banj Gave Best Performance Of All Time In 2007 “Headies Awards”

Dbanj gave us one of the best performance of all time in the Headies Awards 🌟… Do you remember?

dbanj and don jazzy


dbanj and don jazzy

Before Dbanj and Don jazzy returned to Nigeria… Before Nigerian artiste started thinking outside of the box with their stage performance… Dbanj did it.. 💪

On crowdy night, in a venue filled with enthusiastic fans and music lovers… Dbanj came to the stage to perform with just a Towel 😳 wrapped round his waist.. The fans went crazy!!, Music artiste and entertainment critics where shocked .. Haters were surprised 😳…They might have heard of this, But they have never seen this happen live in Nigeria!!! A Nigerian Music artiste with so much guts, effrontery and Swagz 💥💥… Again!! Dbanj did it.. 🔥

“Do you like the koko? ” The crowd shouted… “I like the Koko!!!! 💃 ” Do you need the Koko? No long thing!!! It was the performance of the night and it was talked by the media for years… Why??

1. Dbanj has guts. Confidence in himself.. He dared to do what others taught impossible.. He knows how to compensate for his average talent.. Dear artiste, without Mad.. Notice that I said Mad… Without Mad confidence in yourself, you can’t win this game 💁🏽‍♂

2. Dbanj is well built and sexy. Padi mi if you’re just living and eating rough. You don’t eat the gym, you don’t exercise.. And you dey down bottles anyhow..🍻 Sorry, you can’t be well built.. Pls don’t goan off shirt 😂

3. Dbanj performs every song like never before.. Even till now that he’s no longer as hot or relevant… Like a decade ago..

Thank you. I am Daniel Scott Eleh, a great asset to the Nigerian Music Industry.. (@_daniellscott) #RaymistManagementCompany


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