DJ Aketz Street Concert 2019 (A Must Read Review)

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DJ Aketz Street Concert 2019 (A Must Read Review) : Latest Entertainment Gist and Gossip

DJ Aketz Street Concert 🎙as come and gone But they are Notable memories worth to mention.. So if you didn’t attend the concert few days ago 🤔, you missed but no stress, im here to tell you..just continue reading…

First of all, I got there around 4pm, I thought I was late since the banner says 12pm..but then I remember that this is Africa.. We have African time 😐.. So no stress..I got my ticket & tag and I walked past the legions of Alimosho Indigenes (Boys) loitering outside the venue.. The show was just starting, upcoming acts like Master flex, Sexy shay (or something) etc were performing.. Immediately, I noticed the Amazing Dj Aketz 💥, I knew he has a lot on his mind.. He was attending to guest, making sure shit goes fine, snapping with fans and showing love to some elders.. Quality of LEADER if you ask me..💪🏼

The concert was held at Lion Field, Kokumo road, Alimosho.. the Stage set is on professional level, they made sure security was beefed up 💂🏻.. Yeah! There was a little bit of struggle at the gate, but the security handled it..

So fast forward 3 hours later.. It was around 8pm.. ticket prize as been reduced for those who couldn’t meet the 1k least prize..

After so many (and I mean MANY) upcoming artistes performance, The stars finally started coming out.. Dj DR Step started the RAVE! Once he got on deck, the crowd went WILD. I mean, that DJ is Amazing.. Dj Aketz wasn’t far from him, they playfully rocked the stage together and made us DANCE…

Then Mr Mario came through with a his hit song..that has lyrics of erm 🤔 “The Boy is good, Apa loun je be”…he did well. Razor the Aguntasolo also mount the stage and fans were receptive to him too.. But for no understandable reason, Razor cut his own performance short.. Razor, why?

Now, it was getting close to 9pm and though the Music was buzzing and The fans were still going Crazy, the environment was now dark 🌃…(Something the owners of the Field should work on, The surroundings needs street light) 💥..

All in All, from the moment I got there to around past 9pm when I left, it was MAD fun honestly.. The stage, lightning, The Hypeman!!, Dj Aketz (man was just too energetic)….

Big stars like Qdot, Zinoleesky, Decoded, Seriki…and many more were all scheduled to perform..but due to the fact that I still had to meet up with associates in another location…I left before I could witness them PERFORM… Oh, I saw the Seriki’s performance on Dj Aketz Instagram… And it was LITTY..🔥

People always think that BIG stars alone makes a CONCERT successful but 5 hours i spent at Dj Aketz concert made me question that thinking..
Before the stars, the Field was 75% filled, people patronised the vendors (selling drinks and all), Music kept coming, The young fans kept Dancing (I saw lots of shaky shaky and Gbe body e styles)….so yeah, people including me, had a great time.

Dj Aketz!! Well done. We know the amount of work that goes into putting a concert together and We are proud you did it again…

So, I’d really like to hear from those who were there LIVE, especially those who waited down till the end of the show (Unlike me)… How did it go to an end? From what I saw, Dj Aketz concert was a SUCCESS. 💥💥

Writer: Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott)


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