Did Blaq Bones Started The Diss Wave That’s Going On Now???

Blaqbonez – Shut Up 700x700
Blaqbonez – Shut Up 700x700

Did Blaq Bones Started The Diss Wave That’s Going On Now??? : Let’s Debate and Contribute

Although it looks like Blaq bones started the Diss wave that’s going on now 🎙💥.. He didn’t.. Rappers in Nigeria have always been secretly envious of each other..😋

Blaqbonez – Shut Up 700x700
Blaqbonez – Shut Up 700×700

There’s two sides.. Or maybe three in Nigeria…


1. The Posh rappers..those who speak Plenty oyinbo 😐.. drop bars and use word play like it’s their mother tongue… (Vector, M.I etc) 🎙


2. Lo Lo Local rappers.. The Ibiles!! The indigenous rappers.. Those Who are aggressively Bold, versatile, talented and most times, Vulgar. (Olamide, Reminisce etc) 🤬

3. Abstract rappers…These ones are incredibly talented, eccentric and too ill for the average man..They rap for people we don’t know..(Mode 9, Jesse jagz etc)💁🏽‍♂🎸🎤

All along the beef as mostly been on a low..Till the new comer Blaq bones from last year..declared himself ‘Best Rapper In Africa” and took shots on all of them.. Gbas!! Now everybody is taking SHOTS at each other!!🔥

Vector and his boys shot back, it was HUGE..but it didn’t really hit BLaq as planned. It went to hit his OGA (M.l) 😲

Davolee also was exceptionally brilliant on “Give away“..Mehn for the first time, I played a diss track 🎤🎙🎼 through out a whole day.. I felt it was too harsh tho, as Davolee just did give everybody hin size..😲

Someone had to speak up again you know 💁🏽‍♂, Dremo did..yeah he tried.. But listening to Scape goat..and all replies.. Davolee did alotta DAMAGE 💪🏼

Diss track was now flying here and there..I thought to myself, The Chairman, M.I won’t reply jare. He’s too big for all this child’s play. But Baba did. And that cemented the noise going on.📚📺

Baba didn’t joined them in making Diss tracks..he just went straight to show compassion.. Lectured them, esp Lanre..and he closed it all UP.. 🙌🏽 The End.

Now tell me, since we all love rap when it involves BEEF.. Which of the Diss track is your favourite?? And why!?

Author: Daniel Scott Eleh.
#RaymistManagementCompany (@_daniellscott)

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