University of Uyo
University of Uyo

In a rather shocking occurrence, an incident happened at University of Uyo, Uniuyo, a Nigeria University base in the University of Uyo, as 4 unknown men was reported to have gained successful entrance into the students hostel hall 6 stabbing a girl to death.

As posted on social media, Twitter, by the some of the students who experienced the horrific events, state their displeasure on the attack, which they attribute to lack of proper security.
Also making way with valuables of the students, in the hostel, which includes, Phones and Laptops without any counter-attacked from any security agencies, in or without the school premises.
It is well known in Nigeria university that little or no concern is given to security. One of the witness, identified as Organized Noise Maker,
@didiofuyo twitted;
“because instead of having securities we have people you give tallies and collect money with joy at the gate”
The incidents has led to many reactions from the students of the institution calling out the school authorities to acts on the case and find out the culprits, that they may not go unpunished.
Recounting the unsafe environment of the University, one of the students twitted that Rape, Shootings, Robbery, Killings always take place in the University, hence this incident is not the first to happened in the university, they’ve had more of such cases.
But to fight against the upsurging menace, the students has frown at this act of violence which claimed the life of an innocent girl would not go unpunished.
Proposing a solution to the concurrent insecurity issues, a twitter user, identified as Someone’s Future Husband
@Campusbro_ writes;
“Dear Uniuyo,
I think the way out for this insecurity issues is for the students to join forces with the SUG and propose an advocacy campaign and get the school & other authorities to get involved and bring an end to this heartless issues Signed
Aksu student”
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In the early hours of today, armed men stormed University of Uyo Hall 6 Hostel and robbed students, carting away phones and other valuables.
Emem, a female student was stabbed and is seriously injured. #insideuniuyo #UniuyoIsNotSafe
— Inside Uniuyo (@insideuniuyo) July 29, 2019

Cult clash
All of these happens all the time in the University of Uyo
We are tired!! #UniuyoIsNotSafe#UniuyoIsNotSafe
— Ventolive (@Vento_live) July 29, 2019

So Some guys went into a female hostel this morning and asked for a particular girl, Got directed and stabbed an innocent, Robbed rooms in Broad day Light. Quite mild for a school with absolutely no security.#uniuyoisnotsafe
— Who_Wah_Nah (@AFangBender1) July 29, 2019

How can one start a week in such a tragic way…. some sets of armed hoodlums made their way into girls hostel early this morning which I presume it’s on political basis and made away with gadgets…. #uniuyoisnotsafe
— P. O. R. T. A. B. L. E (@Crazy__Nerd) July 29, 2019
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