[Breaking news]- Uncle Eddy blast COMFORT FM 95.1Mhz UYO over poor services

CollageMaker 20190907 154023889
CollageMaker 20190907 154023889

Comfort FM are very selfish; imagine they don’t play my song even after sending it through to them instead they keep calling everyday to come and do advert of my business with them!

Over 4 marketers have called, some even ask if this is Uncle Eddy and after getting them aware they still keep calling. You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul! How many of my 3 new singles released this 2019 have you played non! Other stations in Akwaibom and outside Akwaibom supporting my craft do they have two heads? If I want to do an advert for my other ventures I will go to Inspiration FM, Passion FM, Planet FM and any other who are willing to push my craft to a level where I would gain monetary value to put in my business and then give them back!

Life is scratch my bark I scratch your bark. Please if you are not ready to support my craft; where do you want me to get money to pay for adverts of other businesses I run?

Other stations playing my song have never called my line for any advert; I am a hustler and so you are, until you support your fellow hustler, you will keep running around same water!

I am not a government worker, I am not a politician, I am trying to Dakkada even without your support so you can’t reap from where you didn’t sow.

Comfort FM please stop calling my lines! My name is Uncle Eddy 🌐 of Flyhighmusic & Tophitentertainment!


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