Biography Of Senior Lakeside

Biography Of Senior Lakeside

Biography Of Senior Lakeside : Senior Lakeside was born into the royal family of ERINLE in the early 90s, His real name is Olamilekan Erinle, Senior Lakeside attended both his primary and secondary school at Idiroko of Ogun state.

Biography Of Senior Lakeside

He started his musical career in the year 2003, but never seems to take it personal until he got to the year 2008 he gathered a group called trinity guys. But then they normally rehearse but no money to go to studio.

As time goes Senior Lakeside was improving his musical carear. In the year 2010..every body scaterd so he decided to bring up anther group again call (EXPLOSION Guys) every body In this group were very good in music so after finishing our secondary school in the year 2010…

So we gathered money to go to studio… We drop our First single title WONMASoRo..wonmasoro is a love song, so that’s gave us impression, so we dicided to drop anther single which is planned to feature LACE but on our way going there was an accident on the road the road was blocked to the extent that there is no movement.

But later on we did the track called my swagg but no more featuring…but on the way we decide every body should stand on his own. But now Senior Lakeside is the founder and the C.E.O of SWN (SeniorWorld Nation).

He owns his own personal studio and he his the producer.

For your Quality production+Mixing and mastering+Radio Jingle+DJ jingle..
Cont:Senior Lakeside beat
WhatsApp : 08024478040
IG: iam_Seniorlakeside


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