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Duru Emmanuel Chukwuebuka (born 20 December), known professionally asDEMASMOBILES” A K A, “WILLARD “, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.


He is from Imo State Nigeria, his home town is Umuduru Egbeaguru Onuimo LGA. But was born and raised, in Makurdi benue state Nigeria. He started writing song at age of 12, under Christian partan.Also at the age of 16 Demasmobiles joined choir in church called All power Liberation Ministry which came up at his Village back then, when he returned from Makurdi to his home town to assist his late Grand ma, during his secondaries period, after which he returned back, in not less than 2 years.

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However he started recording music at age of 19 and managed to release a track called Bangana, which was why fans sometimes call him Bangana Master.

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However 2012 him and Mozinokaka formed group called D-Starz which he usually call in his beginning or end of all his trucks.

Although he has dropped upto 9 tracks and still hoping for more.He has collaborated with MOZINOKAKA, MUFFYCHOICE HENEEHANDSOME. Demasmobiles is the Founder and CEO of D-Starz Crew and why the baddest Raper MOZINOKAKA, is the chairman aswell,and also the other wosky Raper “MUFFYCHOICE” is one of their music best and strong member.

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And Demasmobiles said, this is his shot story for now and he promise to make his fans happy even his country to be proud of him.That he wish you all what you wish him.

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