Billionaire Hits Record (BNR)

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Billionaire Hits Record (BNR) : Latest Record Label Across Nigeria

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  1. About Billionaire hits record BHR.
    This is a record label that has it origination and growth in Nigeria, Lagos precisely.


It is a rebrand and a daughter vision shining from the bright light of its visioneer Deebrainty brown, whom is a popular Lagos based tallented dancehall singer.

To welcome and help atist who aspire to become bigger stars.

BNR is a rebrand built from the fast risin, multi facilitated music management and sponsoring sector, the Supper Billionaire Entertainment (SBE)

All these management / sponsoring sectors has multi functional equiped facilities as other international based labels, worldwide.

It is legally, officially signed and approved by the law and government to handle artist management and record contracts both home and abroad, therefore having a well equiped facilitated studio in Canada and other countries worldwide.

However, The Host label ” the Supper Billionaire Entertainment” has held it annual talent hunt and signed some lucky artist with mouth wattering deals worth millions of naira.

Therefore, Billionaire Hits record is also set to kick start their regular show in the city of Lagos, in other words they are in look for artists like you to sign.

Deebrainty brown

Artist signed to BHR
Tommy brown

Address / office location
Omole phase1, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact / office contact
08133330957 or 08122317121

Booking number/ contact

Email address

official website

Booking email


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