Best Android Data Plans In June 2017 (All Networks)

Before going to details of the list of Android subscriptions/data plans and how to subscribe to them in June 2017.

Airtel Data Plans For Android June 2017

Most folks have been enjoying the Airtel Operamini Social Plan. This plan gives you 1gb for N300 to browse for 25days; which is very cool. It can be used to browse Facebook, Operamini you Whatsapp applications alone. The plan also downloads very well. To Subscribe to this plan, read my post on – Airtel Operamini Social Plan – Get 1GB Data For N300 – Search the Blog.

Still on Airtel network is the Airtel Double Data Plan, which gives you double your data for free at the same rate you do subscribe to the plan before, for example if you normally get 1.5gb for N1000, now you will get 3gb for the same N1000… Wow pretty cool. Yes, dial *144# for related offers on your Airtel line, to see how this is done and also to start getting your own double data for half the price, read my post on – Airtel Double Data Plan And The Subscription Codes – Search the Blog.

Hey! hold on am forgetting something here, Of course is of no much relevance, seems most Airtel users don’t do it anymore, especially with the option of the Airtel Operamini Social Plan, remember the Airtel 2G plan, that gives you 2GB data for N200? Yes it is, many have forgotten this plan, perhaps 2G network is not compatible for most users anymore. The plan is still very much active and you can subscribe to it by reading my post on – How To Subscribe To The Airtel 2G Unlimited Free Data Plan

I don’t know the reason why people abandoned Airtel Weekend Bundle when the subscription code is active and the plan is still ok for downloading. Remember that you can get 7GB for just N700 every weekend, with the Airtel Weekend Bundle; 1024MB (1GB), for just N100 every day, dial *474*1# to activate. Dial 140# to check data balance.

The Airtel Blackberry/BB10 plan still works on Android too, with this you can subscribe to any of the blackberry plans you may choose to suit you and browse for less. The more popular blackberry plans that suit Android users is the 3gb for N1000 which is the blackberry complete plan for 1 month. To subscribe to this and use it on your Android phone, read my post on – How To Use Airtel 3GB For N1000 BB Data On Android

And the normal Airtel plans can be done by dialing *141*1# to buy a data.

Data Includes: 1.5gb for N1000, 2.5gb for N2000 and so on, just the normal Airtel Android bundles.

MTN Data Plans For Android June 2017

In terms of data bundle and browsing, sincerely MTN is just there though without much hype they still have millions of subscribers monthly.

MTN normal data plan still remains unaltered, simply dial *131*1# to choose your preferred MTN data plan.

Don’t forget that you can be getting double of your MTN data subscription (100% data bonus) via IMEI Tweaking. The double data offer will last for 6 months. You will change your IMEI to any IMEI Number of a latest phone that MTN dashes out free data to, Read this psst to learn how to change your IMEI number – How To Tweak IMEI Number From Android To Blackberry

GLO Data Plans For Android June 2017

Seems recession did affect Glo some months back as they reduced their data plan which were formerly:

N500 = 1.6GB 7days
N1000 = 3.2GB 30days
N2000 = 7.5GB 30 days
N2500 = 10GB 30days
N3000 = 12GB 30days

And Currently:

N500 = 800MB 7days
N1000 = 1.6GB 30days
N2000 = 3.7GB 30days
N2500 = 5GB 30days
N3000 = 6GB 30days

Though with this nothing has changed because for those who have previously subscribed, you can continue enjoying your old data bundle because its automatically on auto renewal. While new subscribers to the plans will have to go with the new cost of data.

Simply dial *777# and follow the prompt to subscribe to your preferred Glo Data.

Etisalat Data Plans For Android June 2017

When other Networks like Glo are busy increasing the Data Volume of their Data Plans, Etisalat is busy on the other end increasing the Data Price of their own Data Plan. Lol, even Glo data has reduced.

Also not forgetting the Etisalat free 200MB data by using the MyEtisalat App. Yes you can get free 200MB of data to browse now from Etisalat, read my post on – How To Get Free 200MB Data To Browse On Etisalat

Etisalat 500MB cost N500 to subscribe dial *229*2*12#

Etisalat 1GB cost N1000 to subscribe dial *229*2*7#

Etisalat 1.5GB cost N1200 to subscribe dial *229*2*7#

For other available etisalat plans, dial *200#

Etisalat data plan via third party sellers is still a better option for those who need huge Etisalat data for the lesser price, but I’m short of words in referring you to any third party data seller at this moment.

Enjoy browsing in June 2017.

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