Benefits Of The Use Of Yoni Eggs

yoni 5c 20egg 38050810
yoni 5c 20egg 38050810

Benefits Of The Use Of Yoni Eggs : Latest CT Giveaway

The use of Yoni Eggs, due to the subtle energy of the crystals that spreads through the body, will help to improve the pranic flow. This dynamic promotes internal reflection and contributes to the elimination of emotional blockages.

yoni 5c 20egg 38050810
yoni 5c 20egg 38050810

Yoni Eggs are also suitable for the practice of Kegel exercises . These exercises aim to achieve the tonicity of the vaginal canal and the strengthening of its muscles, which increases the strength of the pelvic floor and improves the sexual health of the women.

It is noteworthy that sexual energy is a powerful force that is part of the spiritual process of the person, so when well channeled, it favors the balance of the different chakras and contributes to a general well-being. If you want to know more about yoni eggs, visit

Some advantages of regular use of Yoni Eggs:

Strengthens and strengthens pelvic floor muscles
Tones the walls of the vaginal canal
Increases vaginal lubrication
Improves sexuality
Prevention of urinary incontinence
Helps prevent uterine, bladder and / or rectum prolapse
It increases the blood circulation of the rectal zone, reducing the possibility of suffering hemorrhoids
Improvement of emotional balance
Helps eliminate old traumas
Provides mental clarity
Broadens creative and sexual energy
Increases feeling of control of vaginal muscles
Transmutation of patterns of suffering such as abortion, sexual abuse, lack of self-esteem, family problems …
Promotes self-awareness
Provides rooting
Reinforces the vitality of the belly
Release of internal voltages

Tighten and tone the walls of the vaginal canal
Massage reflex points on the vaginal wall.
Increases vaginal lubrication even after menopause.
Balance of estrogen levels.
Prevention of urinary incontinence
Detoxifies the uterus
Provides mental clarity and emotional balance
It provides control over the manipulation of the vaginal muscle, increasing sexual pleasure for you and your partner.
Broadens creative and sexual energy
Promotes hormonal balance
It helps with fertility.
Reduces colic and abdominal pain during menstruation.
Transmutation of patterns of suffering such as miscarriages, sexual abuse, lack of self-esteem.
Favors self knowledge
Provides rooting
Reinforces the vitality of the belly, improves the digestive system, aiding in cases of constipation
It exalts and circulates the sexual energy through the activation of the basic chakra and the kundalini energy
Facilitation of vaginal delivery and rapid recovery of the vaginal muscles and perineum in the postpartum period.
Increase intimacy between the two
The use of yoni eggs is fundamental for serious practitioners of Tantra, Chi Kung and Yoga.
Improves PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and regularises menstrual blood loss
Improves overall health and develops a sense of well-being.
Gives confidence to the woman and comes to deal with old fears and traumas kept in the personal or collective unconscious
It increases libido and arouses sensuality.
Increases natural lubrication even after menopause.
It balances estrogen levels.
Allows for greater intimacy and knowledge of our yoni
Lets develop a love relationship with our own body
Practicing with a Yoni egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls but also awakens tissues, organs and muscles, promotes nerve growth and increases overall sensitivity, will allow you to experience a kind of pleasure that you did not even know was possible , is already ready to try out new types of orgasm, if you have never had a vaginal orgasm before, a diligent practice can change that.

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