Based On Current Form, Between Tiwa Savage And Yemi Alade, Who Do You Think Is The ‘Real Mama Africa’?

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Based On Current Form, Between Tiwa Savage And Yemi Alade, Who Do You Think Is The ‘Real Mama Africa’?

It’s been a long week. One filled with controversy and an overload of new music. Phyno dropped a 21 track album, Yemi Alade came through with her “Woman of Steel” project and after a long wait, Tiwa Savage released her first single under the Universal Music Group imprint.
However, in between the Xenophobia controversy, a friend pitched in during the whole brouhaha, “Does Tiwa Savage hold a bigger impact than Yemi Alade when it comes to Africa”
I had to reason this. Both female artistes actually have a mantra on who is the best female act in Africa. Tiwa Savage brands herself as the “African Bad Gyal” and Yemi Alade is often called “Mama Africa”.
This is kind of similar and here in Nigeria, Tiwa Savage is rated over Yemi Alade for several reasons.
She has this sexy persona, has relative lyrical content which Yemi Alade lacks to a great extent and then the last time Yemi Alade has a hit, we would have to go back in time to Johnny in 2013 while once a year, there’s always a banger from Tiwa Savage.
But is this true when it comes to the whole of Africa.
Maybe not. Yemi Alade posseses one of the biggest fan base in Africa based on this: she delivers in Swahili and French which are the other languages spoken in the other African countries. She has used her lingua franca to draw in listeners and this has worked.
She’s currently the second Nigerian artiste with over 1 million subscribers on the video streaming platform, YouTube( Tiwa Savage is afar on 426k subscribers) and few months ago, Yemi Alade also became the second Nigerian artiste to clock 100 million views.
These are milestones and when you add the sold out concerts she’s had in some African countries, she might probably be deserving of the “Mama Africa” title.
But then as you’re imagining it, Yemi Alade over Tiwa Savage?
My mind doesn’t want to accept it.
But in your own opinion,
Who Do You Think Is The ‘Real Mama Africa’ Based On Current Form?
Comments Below.


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