Atinuke – By Oyeleke Temitope John

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Being the first and only son to my father made me so defensive,
I love being alone and reserved,
I carefully select my friends and they have been the best part of me.

The thought of having a girlfriend has never crossed my mind as I never could imagine why someone would want to be be with another person and still get hurt in the long run.

I’ve seen friends and foes get hurt over relationships,
I’ve seen colleagues invest in relationships with their time and money hoping that it might last long but it doesn’t.

Then I had to resolve never to give love a trial,

In order to keep myself busy, I started drinking and smoking,
It got to a point where Marijuana was my favorite,
Once I don’t take Marijuana a day,
I feel very sad.

It became an addiction and I got used to the lifestyle, believe me, it was much fun, it made me forget about anything called love,
I never had a girlfriend.

3 years gone and I met this girl ATINUKE by name.

Curves – check✅
Beauty – check✅
Character – 💯%
Wife materialism – 10 and half yards long. 😁

I was completely caught up by her enchanting smile and physical qualities.

I was reluctant at first but heck, she Swept me off my feet,

I couldn’t resist her charm so I got close to her and realized she’s the best shot I’ve got.

Keep in mind,
I never wanted to be involved in relationship,
But her character and attitude got me,

We got close and I was treated like a king,
She taught me to be good,
She practically worshiped me,
She explained to me how much she loves me,
She started taking me to church,
Teaching me how to pay my tithes and how to pray. 🙏

With time,
I became an automatic friend of God,
ATINUKE really shaped my life and I completely left my waywardness.

I stopped smoking,
I stopped drinking and left other bad characters.

I then knew the value of love and what love could make a man become,

I saw the relevance of having a woman as every man that wants to be successful needs a woman beside him to make strategic feats (smh)😁

Love meant a lot to me all because of ATINUKE.

Months gone and I became a brand new suit and tie kind of a guy.
Perfectly shaped by my dear ATINUKE.

I explained to her how broke I was but she never cared about my financial status.
All she needed was love 😍
She sometimes support me financially.

Oh!!! ATINUKE was a goddess.

Money never meant much to her.

Then after Six months, I noticed she hardly call nor text as before,
And even when we talk,
We don’t talk for long.
I got scared but it continued for few months.

I couldn’t manage the situation any longer so I decided to pay her a visit.

While going to her place,
I bought a very expensive flower with my last savings and on getting there,
I got the biggest shock of my life,

I saw ATINUKE kissing an Alhaji.

At that point, I didn’t mind cos I was ready to forgive her,
Her love meant more than Alhaji,

Then when she saw me, she rose up with tears in her eyes,
I could still see the love in her eyes,

But Alas!!!
ATINUKE is already pregnant for Alhaji and that was why she had to cut the relationship between us in the first place,

But what she said struck me,

She said,
“Temitope, I still love you,
It’s just a pity that the love was not enough to cater for my many needs,
If I continue with you, I might choke you and make you do illegal stuff for money,
I had to make the right decision for you and me”

I never said a word,

I could feel my heart pounding like a civil war drummer boy,
As the sight slammed into me like an oncoming freight train,
My face boiled red and my eyes lit up like a redneck fourth of July,
I carefully fixed the flower in her room and left.

I got home and passionately cried,
I went under my bed where I had kept my long time companion (Marijuana),
Stared at it for some minutes and sniffed it once again,

ATINUKE, what have you done to me!!!?

Temmy ✌



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