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Kwasi Agbo, an elder in the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), was saved from getting his manhood cut off by angry residents of Akim Akwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana, by the police after he was caught trying to allegedly sleep with the wife of another man.

PULSE Ghana reports that the police in the area confirmed the incidence on Onua FM on Thursday, that the church elder was on Monday, July 22, but that he has been granted bail as investigations continue.
Yaw Aboagye, who resides in Akim Akwatia, while narrating the incident on Onua FM on the same day revealed that Elder Agbo expressed his ‘interest’ in the mother of two, whose identity is not revealed after spotting the 28-year-old.
The woman reportedly told the church elder that she was married and as such, had no interest in having a relationship with him.
Elder Agbo, according to Yaw Aboagye, was however persistent in pursuing an amorous affair with the married lady.

The woman eventually reported him to her husband out of frustration.
Her husband then advised her to fake interest in him so as to lure him to their matrimonial home in a bait, as he refused to back off.
The women acting on this advise, then told the Elder that her husband was out of town on a trip and then invited her to her home.
According to Yaw Aboagye, Elder Agbo, honoured the invitation and as he was in the process of stripping her naked, her husband who was hiding in the house, came out and raised an alarm.

Residents who were close joined her husband to pounce of the CAC elder, as he was mercilessly beaten up while they made an attempt to cut off his manhood, but the police got to the scene at the right time and intervened in the situation.
At the moment however, it remains to be seen what charges would be filed against Elder Kwasi Agbo.
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