7 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Single

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7 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Single : Build Your Music Career Now

If you’re just starting out with under 1,000 followers, dropping a 15-track debut album probably isn’t the right tool to get you the big break you’re looking for. Rather, putting out a single that gets added to a big Spotify playlist or climbs the Hype Machine charts is what will earn you that early buzz.

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Nowadays, most up-and-comers release four or five singles first, and then put them out together as an EP. After a few EPs, they’ll ideally have enough buzz to drop a proper album.

The first week of a single release will seem like your biggest rush, but a lot of artists think you just drop a single, scream from a megaphone about it for a week, and then hope people keep listening. Sadly, that’s a recipe for a drop, then flop.

Artists who know how to sustain momentum can actually see their single do bigger numbers in the following weeks if they have the right strategy. Here are seven surefire ways to extend the life of your single.

*1. Put a long-term press strategy in place*

The normal approach for a single release is to have your song premiered by the biggest and best blog that will cover you. They premiere the single, and then all of the other press follows.

One common mistake many musicians make is putting all of their eggs into one basket — whether it’s just one blog or just one week of e-mailing bloggers. Think long-term: before you drop your single, lock in a premiere roughly one month in advance. Then send “early listen” emails to other blogs you want to cover the track, and then on release day, hit every blog in your contact list.

But don’t stop there. Send follow-up emails. Keep scrolling through the web for other blogs you may not have considered. Yes, blogs like fresh content, but you have anywhere from three to four weeks to catch their attention. Your first week will be the rush, but it should not end there.
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