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what is 2captcha


Name: 2Captcha
Type: GPT
Price: free to join
When you are looking for a good program to make money online, you will come across many different GPT (“Get Paid To”) websites.
Since there are so many out there, I suggest you read through my entire 2 Captcha Review so that you can decide whether it is right for you.
In my 2 Captcha Review I will be going over all of the facts about this program so that you can make an informed decision.

What is 2 Captcha?

2 Captcha is a website where it’s member’s are able to get paid for solving captchas. If you aren’t exactly sure what a captcha is, I shall briefly explain.
Captcha stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. I am sure you have come across a couple of these during your time online.
2 captcha reviewLater in my 2 Captcha Review I will be going over the different ways that you can make money on 2Captcha.com.

Price & Registration

In order to sign up and start working with 2 Captcha, it is absolutely free. There is no credit card or payment information required, you just have to have an email address.
Many scams will ask you for your credit card info before signing up so it is a good sign that 2 Captcha is not a scam.

Making Money with 2 Captcha

When you register your account, you will be able to start making money right away. That being said, there are 2 different ways that you are able to earn money with 2 Captcha.

Solving Captchas

Obviously the first method of earning money on 2 Captcha is by solving captchas for them and this can be done as soon as you sign up.
All you have to do is click the “Start Work” heading and then agree to the terms that they ask you to abide by.
2captcha scamWhen you make a mistake when completing captchas, you will be given a warning that looks like this:
2 captcha legitYou are able to make $0.50 for every 1000 captchas that you solve. The time it takes to solve captchas depends on how fast you are. Just don’t make too many mistakes or your account will be suspended.

Referral/Affiliate Program

The other method of earning money on 2 Captcha is using their referral or 2 captcha scamaffiliate program that they have incorporated.
2 Captcha may not have the greatest affiliate program, but it is definitely the best way to maximize your earnings on this website.
This method allows it’s members to earn commission from the members that they refer to join the 2 Captcha program.
How It Works
When you register to become a member of 2 Captcha:
  • You will receive an affiliate or referral link
  • Then you are able to promote the 2 Captcha program on social media platforms, other websites, etc.
  • When an individual clicks on your affiliate link, they will be sent to the 2 Captcha website.
  • If they decide to register and become a member as well, they will then become your direct referral
Everytime one of your direct referral does something like solve a captcha, you will receive 10% commission.
Making commission from people solving captchas may not seem like a lot, but if you are able to constantly obtain direct referrals, it can really add up to a decent passive income stream.

How Much Money Can You Make With 2 Captcha?

So, yes we have established that you can in fact make money using the 2 Captcha program, but how much money can you make?
The minimum payout on 2 Captcha is $0.50 which takes 1000 solved captchas in order to earn that amount. 
Compared to most GPT websites, 2 Captcha pays much better, but you wont be able to get rich or even pay for your groceries every month using GPT websites.
That being said, they are a good way to make a few bucks here and there when you’re just sitting on the couch watching some TV or trying to kill some time.

What I Recommend

If you’re trying to make a sustainable amount of money online, you’re on the right track, but you aren’t investing your time and effort into the right place.
When it comes to making money online, you aren’t going to make thousands a month by solving captchas or completing tasks on GPT websites for pennies.
You should be spending your valuable time and effort building an online business that will bring in passive money for a lifetime. It is much simpler than you think, if you are interested, I suggest you check out my #1 Recommendation about a program that has helped me and many others do it.
Thanks for reading my 2 Captcha Review!
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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